I hate when that happens…

(originally posted to MySpace 7/10, copied to LJ 7/25)

…I just had to cancel out of the South Atlantic Wrestling show in Roanoke Rapids on Friday.

There are very few people in the world I am less eager to work with than That Person from That Place on Staples Mill Road. One of them is an idiot wrestling fan who turned into an idiot rat bastard lying wrestling promoter named Keith McBride.

Now that wasn’t the name I first met him under. He called himself Claude, and went to VCW shows I was working (as ring announcer) and on messages boards where VCW fans congregated, and spent all of his time ripping my talent, my usefulness, and my size… all because he was incredibly jealous that Travis Bradshaw wouldn’t hire him and kept using me.

Fast forward… I left VCW and thought I was done with him.

Nope… he managed to pull together some money by ripping off gullible anime marks in the Peninsula that he could start running shows. Now I can avoid his shows… so I figured I was really done with him.

Nope… he’s renting out his ring. South Atlantic Wrestling is using his ring on Friday… I just found out today and after a short amount of thought, I cancelled off the show.

I don’t want to set foot in Keith McBride’s ring. I don’t want to be anywhere near him. And SAW knew that… which is why I’m glad it worked out this way… if I hadn’t asked today about how the show was going, I’d have driven 2 hours to Roanoke Rapids on Friday, walked in, seen McBride, and left again. At least this way, I can cancel in advance and they can give my lines to the ring announcer for the show…

It’s a shame… it’s going to be a good show… but I cannot work with someone who spent years making personal attacks on me anywhere he could… and it doesn’t help that I know he’s not in the business because he cares, he’s in it out of spite…

This may cost me further dates with SAW. That’s OK. My pride and my integrity still mean something to me. And I won’t sacrifice either one for any one wrestling show…

Now to figure out what I’m going to do with Friday night free…


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