Catching up…

(orignally posted on MySpace 7/9, copied to LJ 7/25)

Geez, I haven’t posted in a while…

Last Tuesday was the 4th of July Celebration at RIR… I hosted the first half of the mainstage concert with the 4Play Band and Anthony Campbell… it was fun “playing DJ” for an afternoon, although with the heat and humidity, I was melted by the time I left around 7:30…

And today was the World Cup final… which was settled on penalty kicks. I don’t know… that’s kind of like settling the 7th game of the World Series with a home run derby. I’m a bit of a soccer fan, and after this World Cup, you’re more than welcome to ask me why, because I can’t use the Cup as an example… it was mostly bad soccer with more diving and play-acting than actual soccer, and we won’t talk about the absolutely dismal US performance other than to say I’m going to pay $25 a week from Wednesday for the chance to boo Landon Donovan every time he looks at the ball (his LA Galaxy are coming to Richmond for an exhibition against England’s Crystal Palace FC)…

I took the week off from Anthem… not that I’m going anywhere, but I needed a time out… I’ll probably do some in-town sightseeing, I have to get the car inspected, and this makes the drive down to Roanoke Rapids on Friday a little bit easier as I can go in mid-afternoon and take my time…

Last night was NWA Virginia wrestling in Chesterfield… I had a good time, the guys really put on a solid show, and I look forward to working with most of them on Friday… as I put on my “Commissioner” hat for South Atlantic Wrestling…

And even though I’m on vacation, I’m still keeping busy… not only do I have the Roanoke Rapids show on Friday… I’ll be heading to Petersburg Thursday night to see Komic Sutra in action… and I may go to wrestling shows Saturday in Mathews and Sunday in Hampton… like I’d ever actually just hang at home on vacation… 🙂

OK, I’ve blogged… your turn.


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