Too close to home…

…in more ways than one.

You might have read about the guy who got himself killed on Wednesday morning on Wilkinson Road, near Three Lakes Park. Car accident, wound up in some of the swampy land off the side of the road, never came back out. I know that stretch of road… it’s along the back side of the apartment complex I live in. I can understand how someone could go off that road late at night… that’s one way it was “too close to home”.

If you read the story in the Richmond Times-Disgrace, you might have seen the mention that the dead man, George Bullock, “worked as a wrestling promoter” in addition to his job at the RTD. Well, I don’t know about that… when I last saw him, he was still trying to get into the performing side of the business. A few years ago, he trained at the Global Wrestling school in Ashland when I was kibitzing there (kind of helping the kids learn how to do interviews while trying to learn a bit more about this business myself). He broke his foot, as I recall, and wound up leaving the Global school. Next time I heard about him, he was working for Richmond Lucha Libre. I’d see him occasionally at RLL events (or around the area)… even with all the nonsense that went down between RLL and Global, we never had any problems.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really connect “George Bullock” to “Jive Nyce” — see, in wrestling, you usually only know the guys by their ring names, and George was using the “Jive Nyce” name even in training school… that is, until I was catching up on the results of last night’s RLL show at Alley Katz (a show I was going to go to, but had to skip due to schedule conflicts). Jive Nyce was supposed to work the show… when I read the results, and saw they’d dedicated the show to “Jive Nyce’s memory”… well, two quick Google searches later, the whole thing came together. And that’s the other way this was “too close to home”.

My thoughts are with his family, and his extended family at RLL.

The sick irony of it all? RLL names their shows… Saturday’s show was originally called “Dead Luchadores Tell No Tales”. They changed it, of course… but still… damn…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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