Me and my big mouth…

Quiet Saturday, says I… remind me not to say that again…

So I decided to go over to the Cultural Arts Center to see “A Bad Year for Tomatoes” tonight (more on that in a moment)… I grab some dinner on the West End and then realize I’m running just a bit late… so I’m heading down Broad, getting ready to turn onto Parham when traffic backs up a bit in front of me.  So I cut through the Exxon station.

I didn’t see the Henrico police officer until he turned his lights on…

Fortunately, we are about to see an example of the power of positive stupidity.

When I stopped, and the officer explained that he was indeed pulling me over for cutting through the gas station to avoid a traffic light, he asked me why I did it.  My answer? “I’m running late and did something dumb”.

To my amazement, he let me go with a warning.  That worked out well… because if he hadn’t, I’d have missed the curtain at the CAC.  And, of course, I don’t have to pay a moving violation, either.

Yeah, I got away with one.  Don’t try this at home.  Or on the road.

As to the show at the CAC, I know the young woman doing the sound (some of you do, too).  She’s good people, quite bright, a little angsty at times (and I say that with all due respect and fondness)… I got to know her when I was a regular customer over at That Place on Staples Mill Road… since I don’t go over to That Place anymore, I try to show my support by making it to shows she’s involved with.  So far, she’s been involved with some fun productions.  This one is, too… a comedy set in the mid-70’s about an actress who wants to get away from Crazy Hollywood.  It turns into a case of being careful what you ask for.  Anyway, “A Bad Year for Tomatoes” is running through May 21 at the CAC on Mountain Road (between Staples Mill and Woodman) in West End Richmond.  All the details at their website.

See you on the radio… and happy Mother’s Day to everyone who ever had a mom, or who ever was one.


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