So I’m talking with a friend today, and in the course of catching up, we ran into a bit of a theme… the idea that people we know have this bad habit of making their decisions based on what other people think (boy/girlfriend, group of friends, co-workers)… and it got me thinking.

I’ve run into this in the past… it’s been called “groupthink”… but it never really works that way (“group” “think”). The group could be as small as two or as large as an office… but groupthink doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. Instead of taking the best opinions of the group and rising above, what happens is that one person in the group does the thinking and everyone else just goes baaaaaaaaa and follows along… I’ve been burned by groupthink, from elementary school onward, and I don’t trust it. See, when I deal with a person, I want to know what’s on their mind, I don’t want them parroting what’s on someone else’s mind (or worse, consciously burying their own feelings to fit in with the leader of the group)… I’ve even fought that a bit in work environments, where I try to get people to tell me what THEY are thinking, not what I’m thinking… I already know what I’m thinking…

In the end, all you have is your integrity and your sense of self…

If you surrender your sense of self for groupthink, if you turn your integrity over to someone else, you’re not you…

…and if you’re not you…

…who the hell are you?


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