Well, that was forgettable…

…the Chili Cookoff turned out to be a Chili Washout of sorts.  At least it did for South Atlantic Wrestling…

We were, as you may recall (by scrolling down), scheduled for 4 segments at 12:25, 1:25, 2:30, and 5:10.

By the time the wrestlers started assembling at 11:00, the ring was soaked, we had a steady rain, and were pretty sure the show wasn’t going to happen.  The skies cleared at 11:45, a drizzle started at 12:00 and cleared by 12:15… so the show was quickly rearranged to put a battle royal on first so that we could give everyone who came out at least one appearance in the ring… we then had a tag team match… and the first segment ended just as the rain started.

The second segment at 1:25 was supposed to have 3 matches.  We got two in with the second one cut off by a heavy shower.

The third segment was supposed to go at 2:30.  At 2:20, the thunderstorms rolled in and that was it for the day.  We had already made the decision to cancel the 5:10 segment much earlier in the day.

Most of the guys were really, really good about the changes in the schedule and the complete uncertainty as to what we were doing and when.  Except for one.  He was only concerned about getting HIS match in (eventually, he didn’t).  The problem?  He was one of the promoters.  So instead of thinking about anyone else, all that mattered was his spot.  Sheesh… of course, this was the same guy who disappeared from 10:15 to 12:15 while we were trying to get the ring together, which meant we had to stall after the battle royal for ring repairs that were only needed because he wasn’t there to do the work in the first place.

Anyway, there’s a show tonight at Fort Lee’s Athletic Center if you’re into hardcore wrestling… and there’s the two shows in May in Richmond… May 6 it’s NWA Virginia at Powhatan Hill in the East End and May 27 it’s Richmond Lucha Libre at Alley Katz in Shockoe Bottom.


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