OK, enough about me…

…what do you think about me? 🙂

No, seriously, in cruising the blogosphere, I was alerted to a site that allows you to open up your own Johari and Nohari Windows.

What are they? An interesting device to see if the people around you see yourself as you do… it can best be explained by sending you to mine. If you participate, be honest, as I’d like to see if this concept really works — and also let me know if you start one, so I can take my turn. 🙂

The Johari Window, which focuses on the positive parts of the personality, is at this link. And the Nohari Window, focusing on the negative, is at this one.

I guess I’ll be curious to see who goes there as well as what they say.

In other news, it’s my dad’s birthday today… I’m just about over my souvenir head cold (great timing, now I can go out and enjoy our springlike weekend)… I’m back on Oldies tomorrow (and we’re giving away tickets to “Movin’ Out”)… and Monday night, you’ll find me at the last performance of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)” at the Funny Bone — and it IS the last performance, the 3/20 show was cancelled (they had a comedian available or something), so go see Michael and Fred already…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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