Musing on a chilly Sunday

At least today’s Oldies show wasn’t the disaster last week’s was… not my best, but credible, so I’m happy with it.

Tomorrow is a rare totally quiet day… no plans, so I will be just winging it all day…

Didn’t get a chance to mention the passing of my first iPod at the age of 10 months… it came down with an apparently-common malady, hard drive disease, and couldn’t be recovered. The deceased is off to Circuit City’s CityAdvantage warranty unit for official pronouncement of death, at which time I get store credit for a new iPod. The old was a 20gb black-and-white, the new will be a 30gb color video model… 🙂

We played Isaac Hayes’ “Theme from Shaft” today… I went to Wikipedia to check out what he was doing after South Park, and was stunned to find he’s a Scientologist now… part of Hollyweird’s growing Celebrity Scientology community, apparently. I don’t get Scientology. The whole idea of venerating one person’s truth over everything else, the concept that one must bury one’s individuality in the group’s best interests, the idea that spiritually-suspect members of the group are “fair play” for activities that would otherwise violate their internal rules, and a bureaucratic structure designed solely to rubber-stamp the leadership… I can’t imagine I’d ever get sucked into something like that, I think I have too much sense of myself…

Anyway, enjoy the long weekend and the short week and I’ll check back soon…


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