And the final wrap on the weekend…

VCU: Hell of a game… the home folks took a 6-point halftime lead, let ODU get to within one, and then held off the charge in a game that went forever (lots of fouls and ESPN2 timeouts) and left me drained (thanks to a technical malfunction that led Sirius Satellite Radio to yell at me a lot before the game)… it wasn’t my best engineering performance but the school seems to be satisified….

RLL: Didn’t make it to the Richmond Lucha show Saturday night… I was so wiped out from the VCU game, and so spooked by the blizzard forecast (BAH!), that I went home and went comatose for the evening.

Sunday Oldies: I had a bad day. Couldn’t get a coherent thought together *and* made my biggest mess just when the PD tuned in… the good part is that next week is another show. And it can only be better, because if it’s worse, I’ll be mortified.

VCW: Glad to see the guys at Sunday’s show… I got my official invitation to be part of VCW’s 10th Anniversary festivities in October, and I’m looking forward to it… might even buy a new suit for the occasion, and if you know me at all, you know I hate suits. Maybe even rent a tux… we’ll see… 🙂

This week’s schedule is a bit less frantic… with the move of VCU’s national-TV game from Saturday afternoon to Friday night, I get all of Saturday to myself. And I have no plans any night this week (other than maybe a production session at Oldies, and I can do that any night). And with the Monday holiday and the well-placed vacation, after this week, I won’t work a full 5-day week until mid-March. 🙂

Two thoughts before I close…

(1) Happy Valentine’s Day if you’re lucky enough to have someone special to share it with… and…
(2) To paraphrase someone who thinks they’re wiser than I, “friends don’t let friends blog unless there’s a chance to make money from it”…

See you next time… 🙂


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