This weekend has 48 hours

Yipe… I’m going to need to get to Monday to relax.

OK… last night was the first of the two VCU games this weekend (I’ll get to skate to tomorrow’s game in the slush)… saw “Greetings!” tonight at Chamberlayne Actors Theatre (an interesting, funny, and thought-provoking play, and may I add that the tech person in the booth did a fantastic job, and yes, I am biased, but I’m also right)… tomorrow I have not only the VCU game but a production session at Oldies *and* (time and weather permitting) the Richmond Lucha show… and Sunday is on-air and VCW (if I don’t run out of steam first)…

And, in the Small World department, I ran into a friend who I don’t see enough, a terrific singer and all-around cool person, Lauren Kendall — she was the production assistant on my first remote broadcast for Star 107, in July 2003, in which we did a holiday blood drive at Midas Short Pump in temperatures that, to this day, we insist were 140 degrees. 🙂 She didn’t stay at Star/Oldies long, which is good for her and bad for us, and it’s always good to see her around town… and I know there’s one person who reads these who also knows Lauren, and I told her what you’re working on and she’s going to try to make a performance. (As to the rest of you, it’s my blog and I can be mysterious if I want to.)

Hope you have as much fun this weekend as I plan to… 🙂


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