‘Twas the week that was… but I don’t want to bore you with long, intricate, techie details of my job.

Just suffice it to say that you’d think we’d had a full moon this week rather than a new moon.

And I want to wish Michael B. from Komic Sutra well, he’s opening for Colin Quinn this weekend at DC Improv… sounds like fun…  (this was an editing mistake)

Don’t forget, I’m STILL on Oldies 107.3 Sundays 12-5. You ARE listening… aren’t you?


I have had one of those weeks you can’t explain in a blog. 🙂

I mean, I’d have to explain every boring detail about my job for you to understand just how crazy this week had been.

But it’s been truly strange… crazy people with crazy problems making us crazy… and as the escalation point for my department, everyone’s problems became my problem to the point that at times, I had people stacked 3-4 deep waiting for me to help solve their latest problem.

I need a break… thank goodness I have one in just 5 weeks… that long weekend in Orlando is looking better all the time…

I don’t know that I can complain too much, though… I did ask for the position… although I did expect the new team I’m with would pick up speed a bit faster than they have… this too shall pass… 🙂


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