Catching up

There are a few items I’ve left hanging over the last few updates…

That “eventful” day at WellPoint at the end of December was the day we closed on the purchase of WellChoice — Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York — bringing the NY metro area into WellPoint’s territory. And possibly meaning some business trips to the Northeast later this year, maybe…

In case it wasn’t obvious, I spent New Year’s Eve at home… it was easier letting the OTHER crazy people have the roads that night…

I was asked to update David Patton’s situation — last I heard, he has an armful of internship offers for this summer in Chicago and is just working out which one(s) he will take… and to think… as many as five improv clubs want David this summer and That Place wasn’t able to find room for him… amazing…

Speaking of That Place… they held their awards ceremony last weekend… awards with all the credibility and impartiality of the WWE Slammies… sincere congratulations to those people whose work shined above the wrestling-style self-promotion… and to the rest, what kind of award is it if you give it to yourself… (hey, I wasn’t going to mention this but there are some things that you just can’t ignore… like traffic accidents…)

Speaking of talented people… don’t forget it’s Komic Sutra week at the Funny Bone… Wednesday at 8, Thursday at 8, next Sunday at 7… be there or be a rhombus…

And not speaking of talented people… see you Sunday on the radio… 🙂

P.S. Once again, I’m going to Disney World… for ESPN The Weekend in March… getting away is always something to look forward to… and I found out Friday that our annual WellPoint bonus got pushed up a month, so I’ll have it in my bank account by the time I hit Orlando! Yay!


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