Holiday weekend

Checking in from Chicago… 🙂

It was a terrific holiday weekend — even if my sister-in-law’s ex-husband tried to screw it up by playing custody games with her son (who my brother would gladly adopt if the lowlife deadbeat would just give up parental rights already)…

But we worked it out — between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, both brothers, sisters-in-law, and all of the nieces and nephews came over to my parents’ place to shred… um… open Christmas presents.

The older of my two younger brothers (did that make sense) got a Christmas surprise — the company he worked for gave up on their Chicago locations and sold them to another company (he manages a mattress/bedding store). The Sunday before Christmas, he was told the old company was firing him (and everyone else). Two days later, the new company hired him. So he gets severance from the old place and commissions from the new. At the same time. Seems I’m not the only one in my family who can get fired into a better position. 🙂

Otherwise, it’s just been a low-stress, low-impact, food-heavy Christmas weekend. Today’s my day to play in Chicagoland, then tomorrow it’s back to Richmond… and right back into the swing of things. After landing tomorrow, I’m heading to Oldies to catch up on production work… then Wednesday morning, back to WellPoint/Anthem for tech stuff… on a day that may be VERY eventful (insider trading rules don’t allow me to say why)…

Hope you and yours had a terrific holiday, whatever it was, and that 2006 turns out to be the best year ever.


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