Es el weekend

I’ve made it to another weekend… highlights of the week that was:

– I’ve mentioned, I’m sure, the project we’ve been working on at the day job (Anthem) to relocated the internal IT helpdesk from Verizon Data Services in Tampa to our location… yesterday, we finally flipped the switch. After 3 months of slow transition, and months of planning before that… we did it. And, to make it even better, several of us on the project got bonuses. Mine’s about one paycheck in size. 🙂

– Don’t forget I’m on the air Sunday 12-5 on Oldies 107.3.

– Speaking of Oldies, I was there tonight catching up on some paperwork… part of which had to be faxed to various radio networks. The fax number of one of those networks is 1-XXX-869-1115 (area code removed because I don’t want anyone playing with them). Well, the new fax machine at Oldies decided to dial only the last five digits — 91115. You know what happens when you dial 91115? A very nice Chesterfield County police officer shows up to ask why your fax machine is calling 911. Umm… oops. That was probably the most mortifying moment I’ve had since… oh, I don’t know… elementary school?

– Komic Sutra played another solid show last weekend. Look, folks, I’m going to keep mentioning them, so you might as well show up for their January show (probably Wednesday, January 18, ’06). Plan it now. Trust me…

– I’m off to Chicago on Thursday. That means Christmas is here already. Dayamn…

– And I’m still working on my New Year’s Eve plans. I’m open to suggestions. About the only thing I’m sure of is that I’m not doing what I did the last three New Year’s…

Happy Holidays, y’all.


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