For a friend…

I think everyone here knows I’ve been a ring announcer for the last few years… one of the nicest, best people I got to know was a young lady named Kameo… this is from a women’s wrestling fansite called LadySports:

As many of you know, Ellie Braddy…better known as Kameo, aka Miss Lilly…has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. A true fighter, Ellie is not giving up an inch in her battle with the disease. Unfortunately, because of her condition she is unable to work, and thus has no medical insurance. In order to help offset the mounting costs for her treatment, LadySports Online is proud to do its small part to fundraise for her, as well as to assist in increasing fan awareness of her condition.

We have two videos of Ellie in action, both matches against Persephone, the first of which, “It’s Not Over,” is now available for download at the reduced price of just $9.99. This special price is for downloads only.

All money from the sale of these 2 matches will go to Ellie from now until January 31, 2006.

And in addition to the downloads, we are also happy to announce that we are offering autographed photos of Kameo, signed by her exclusively for LadySports! A photograph will be mailed to you for any dollar amount donation which you can make! You may make out your donation check or money order to:

Ellie Braddy

and mail it in care of

Special Events PO Box 453 Wilkesboro, NC 28697 USA

Or you may donate via PayPal at LadySports online.

Every dollar raised by the two downloads and the photo donations will go directly to Ellie to help pay her medical expenses. The holiday season is upon us, so any contribution which you can make would be deeply appreciated.



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