Not the best night

So we were carrying the VCU-Houston basketball game on Oldies tonight, live from Houston…

To carry the game, we use a device called a Matrix – basically a modem used to transmit studio-quality voice over phone lines… it works great unless the phone lines are garbage, which they were tonight…

The problems started at 8:30pm, as soon as we hit the game introduction… about 60 seconds into the 2-minute intro, they dropped out. Took 10 minutes to get them back (fortunately, this was pregame)… we had a few dropouts in the course of the first half… until the signal went completely to hell about 9:45… we literally ran 6 minutes of commercials and one and a half songs before we game up on the Matrix and went to the phones… after we cleared a problem on the board in Richmond, the phone was nice and strong and we got a chance to hear VCU roar back from a 16-point deficit to take a 1-point win, and that was with Houston having the ball with 2.6 seconds to play… what a night.

The second half was good… the post-game as OK, except for the part where I played a highlight too early and wound up putting it on top of VCU’s Terry Sisisky, who was trying to introduce it.

If you treasure your sanity, engineering live basketball is not a way to keep it. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way, and listen to me on Oldies on Sunday. 🙂


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