I’m in Orlando and you’re not :)

Hello from the Connections Internet Cafe at Orange Lake Resort in Kissimmee/Orlando!

I have had a blast the last few days just getting away from it all. Saturday was a nice, quiet travel day… yesterday I went to Gatorland for the first time in — ooh — 20 years? with the parents, my sister-in-law and her 2 kids (my brother is stuck in Illinois “living the bachelor life” until Wednesday) and then spent the evening at Disney’s Pleasure Island… and today I just kind of explored what’s new in my usual haunts.

What’s fun about this trip is: (1) I’m not pushing myself to do anything, this is for relaxing… (2) my niece and nephew are starting to get old enough that I can deal with them a bit — I hate to admit it, but I’m not good with kids, even related ones… my nephew’s 8 and my niece (a little diva, but she admits it in her own cute little way) is 6 — when did THEY grow up???… and (3) I get my first chance to check out XM Satellite Radio — Alamo slipped one larger car into the Compact queue Saturday night and I grabbed it… I’m getting an intermediate car with XM for the price of a compact without. Nice. Of course, it’s fun to go under one of the big interstate overpasses and lose the signal, but it’s an adjustment.

I’m on vacation till Thursday, and then back to the real world with a 10 AM flight Friday. So if you don’t hear from me until the weekend… don’t be surprised.

Oh, and Komic Sutra’s playing next Wednesday at the Richmond Funny Bone… and I’ll be back on Oldies this weekend, probably 10-3 Saturday and noon-5 Sunday (yeah, new hours again, the only constant at Oldies is change!)… but now, off to Universal Orlando’s Citywalk and some peoplewatching between the rainstorms… 🙂


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