Stuck at home on a Tuesday

Couldn’t go to work today… too much pain and blood (yeah) and stuff…

But enough about me. Gilligan died today. That sucks. Although Bob Denver was pretty seriously ill, you just never thought he’d go…

And our new station at Main Line Broadcasting went on-air today. “98.9 Liberty: We Play Anything” is a mix of hits from the ’60’s through today. You should be able to hear it from just about anywhere in Richmond… at (where else) 98.9 FM.

Now for the item I teased yesterday… I feel rotten, but I’ll recover. My friend Ellie Braddy feels rotten, and probably won’t ever fully recover. She’s got multiple sclerosis — a neuromuscular disease caused by lesions on the brain that impact the nervous system. There is medication she can get, but it’s insanely expensive and due to idiot government bureaucrats, she can’t get it because she makes too much money. All the money she makes is in disability benefits from the same idiot government bureaucrats who tell her she makes too much money to get the medication. What makes it worse is that — before the MS — she was an incredibly athletic, popular, and respected pro wrestler (working under the name Kameo) who was about to get a chance to have a run with the NWA World Women’s Championship. Now, the left side of her body barely works, she has regular seizures, and isn’t getting out of the hospital anytime soon. She’s in her early 20’s. Her friends from the wrestling business are taking up a collection to try to get around the bureaucrats… the goal is to raise $4000 (apparently, that’s the medicaid deductible, if we can get that, she gets covered for the rest of 2005). We’re not even close. Most wrestling folks are generally broke. Look, I know you don’t know Ellie — or her fiance, Gary (also a wrestler, as Sean Lei) — but these are two of the nicest people in a generally dismal business. They don’t deserve this. If you’d like to toss a few bucks at people who really need and deserve a break, stop by the website at this link here. I know between the donation requests you’ve seen for the hurricane and this weekend’s telethon for Jerry’s Kids, I’m asking a lot, but… well… take my word for it, Gary and Ellie need this help as badly as anyone the media’s been talking about. Check out the website and at least think about it. Thanks.

I’m still going to do my damnedest to make it to the Funny Bone tomorrow night. They may have to set up a quarantine section for me somewhere in a back corner… but if I’m walking, I’m going. šŸ™‚

Until next time…


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