Long weekend

I wound up having to cut my Sunday Oldies show short, and cancel my show today, and will probably not make it to Anthem tomorrow… all because of this blasted case of shingles.

It’s FINALLY starting to go down… but at one point, my hair hurt. Yes, my hair hurt (or, actually, the nerves in my scalp that were being affected by the shingles)…

I’m hoping that things are back in order enough that I can go see Komic Sutra on Wednesday (I’ll just put myself into a quiet corner)… at worst, I’d like to have a normal weekend this coming weekend. Or, something close to one…

I wouldn’t wish this on anyone…

But at least this’ll clear up. Sooner or later. Once I’m clear of this, I’m going to blog about a friend of mine who doesn’t have that luxury…


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