They never saw Pat Sajak or Arsenio Hall host a late night television show.

How old are you?

If the title stuns you, then you’re not a 2005 high school graduate.

Beloit College put out its annual Mindset List today… it’s a view of our world based on what is, and isn’t, in the mindset of an incoming 18-year-old college freshman…

For those of us old enough, to be reminded that (to the Beloit Class of 2009) American Motors never existed (I remember the Pacer and Gremlin!), Ferdinand Marcos has never been in charge of the Philippines, and Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker have never preached on television is scary… 🙂

So do you remember the Pat Sajak Show or the Arsenio Hall Show (w00t!)? Your answer will age you… 🙂

Check it out: Beloit College Mindset List


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