Of course, you’re expected to listen live Saturday 10-3 and Sunday noon-6 on Oldies 107.3. 

But if you can’t do that, go check out Pippin, as presented by SPARC, at the Maggie Walker Governor’s School Auditorium.  Shows are Saturday at 2 and 7, and Sunday at 2.  Be there on time, nobody is admitted during the first scene after curtain.  If you miss that scene, you’ve missed a good deal of setup.  They have a terrific cast, headed by a future star in Andrew Nordin (as “Leading Player” — really!)… Andrew is sensational in the role, and you’ll be able to say you saw him before he was famous… he will be one day, soon.  I saw the show tonight.  Allow me to rave… 🙂

D-Cup Improv (CSz DC offshoot) is playing a 30-minute show at Dogwood Dell tomorrow night… part of Jester’s Ink’s Hobo Joe Festival.  They’re on at 6:30, the Festival is from 6-8 PM.  I may be there.

See you on the radio!


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