Took today off to get my car inspected, knowing that I had a major problem with the driver’s seat. A couple months ago, some jackass parked two inches from my driver’s door, forcing me to climb into the car from the passenger side. I tripped, and drilled the driver’s seat like a tackling dummy.

Goodyear, of course, couldn’t fix the seat… they called a dealer who told them that the seat would cost… (drumroll)… $1000+.

Right. Fortunately, the service manager knows a guy who does welding… so I took the car up to Ashland… good news, he can weld it back together for $80… bad news, he can’t do it until Monday and I’m flying to Tampa Sunday night.

So… get this… I have to rent a car for the weekend, and — this is the sick part — pay to park a rental car at Richmond Airport for 48 hours so the seat can be repaired.

My life is weird sometimes…


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