I guess what’s funny is how little the whole CSz fiasco bothers me.

I’ll miss working with the talented members of the crew… however, I never say never. Perhaps, somewhere down the road… who knows?

But dealing with Christine’s moodiness, her ability to take EVERYTHING personally, and the fact that she didn’t even give her own players enough credit… I won’t miss that.

Things are getting better at Oldies… some studio improvements went in this week, including a new phone, and I get the chance to test out that new phone system tomorrow when I fill in for Kevin Kofax…

And I’m doing my first road trip for Wellpoint – 3 days in Tampa at the end of the month, assuming Tampa’s still there by the end of the month. It’ll be interesting… we’re taking back some work that was outsourced to Verizon a year ago.

It still feels weird to be home at this hour. I feel like I should be tossing a CD on the player at CSz. It’ll take a week or two to adjust.

Ah well… Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end — Semisonic, “Closing Time”.


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