Holiday weekend

With just a few minutes before I run down to Oldies to do holiday fill-in…

Yesterday was a day I’ll remember… even without the blog.  After all, it’s not every day you walk into a radio studio to find the station is off the air.  Yes, that’s right, I had to put Oldies back on-air at 8:40 AM.  Apparently, there had been a power glitch at 2:05 AM that shutdown the office… and somehow, the Oldies on-air computer wasn’t on a UPS, so when the power came back, Oldies didn’t.

And then there was the unofficial CSz company picnic. 🙂  OK, it was really Daryl Scruggs’ holiday barbeque, with the CSz gang invited… there was the inevitable poker game (something about CSzers and poker…), some touch football, a lot of food, and just a chance to relax at the closest thing I’ve had to the annual family cookout in 12 years…

It’s been a good weekend… today looks promising… Oldies and a chance to check out the R-Braves’ fireworks show from the courtyard outside my office… not bad, eh?


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