Memorial Day

Go hug a veteran, or at least visit a War Memorial this weekend.

Catching up… a good weekend thus far, really… the CSz and Empire shows were good Friday and Saturday, improved a little by the fact that John Walters completely bluffed his way through the understudy role… 🙂

Remember I said I had no plans Monday? Oops. I have plans Monday. 10am-4pm on Oldies. Songs 145-about 50 on the Top 500 countdown, then Matt Nicholls gets to take it home from 4 to about 7.

I’m going to try to track out the last hour tomorrow so I can catch Richmond Kickers soccer… against the worst team money can buy, the Charleston Battery.

And I wonder if all the people quoting the CSz mantra “Friends don’t let friends blog” were talking to me this weekend… naaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh….

Oh, left something out – I wound up sleeping through the time I was going to go to the wedding yesterday… I was up VERY late Friday night, got through the day, came home, crashed, and burned… 🙂 I’m going to have to do some major damage control Tuesday…


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