This was what they call a good day.

I had a solid show on Oldies today. Everything that could go right, did. That’s rare. 🙂

And then there was the Improcalypse — the improv competition featuring four of the top five improv groups in Richmond (the fifth couldn’t perform for political reasons, sigh…). As it was held at the Funny Bone, it was assumed that somehow Komic Sutra would win. Nope. KS got smoked by some dubious judging by Wayne “Bay City Rollers Fan” Coy of Q94 and some local standup guy. Comments follow…

Random Acts – they won, and they deserved it. The guys were the most solid perfomers all night and even overcame some more of that dubious judging… wrapping it up with a solid game of Chain Murder.
Jesters’ Ink – the beneficiary of most of the dubious judging. The problem I have with them is twofold — one that was put into words for me by Jenni from CSz and Dustin from Punch!… they’re all gimmicks. Every game they played had a gimmick that got laughs instead of letting the scene get laughs. The other problem is that they are lousy self-editors — instead of calling off a game when they got the Big Laugh, they kept going until they got timed out. All of the other groups called their games off when they hit the payoff.
Komic Sutra – they got smoked. They “lost” to JI twice on gimmickry. They deserved much better. And being the home team didn’t really help at all…
Jessie’s Girl – they did well, but I think being down to three players — and they shared Mesha with KS — hurt them. They had to borrow players from other teams to call their games, which couldn’t have looked good to the judges.

Credit to the host (and I am SO sorry I forgot his name) for keeping it moving, keeping up with the double-elimination format, and calling some really good audibles as the night went on. At one point, KS and JG were deadlocked (the 2 judges were split and the audience was really 50-50 in applause) — the host was going to toss a coin, but the audience (with a push from on-hiatus RA member Scott Foard, who was sitting with me and CSz’s Matthew Wheeler) started chanting “joke off”, he went along and called an impromptu game of “World’s Worst” between the teams. And at the end, the host and judges called a huge audible. Random Acts came through the winners bracket untouched, into the final against one-loss Jester’s Ink. JI “won” the “final” against RA — but the judges then (after hearing the crowd fail to appreciate the decision) announced that since neither RA nor JI had list twice, we had to go… ONE MORE ROUND! A very good call indeed, which allowed RA to pull out the win with Chain Murder.

Back to the real world now. 🙂


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