Winding down here…

…in O-town.

I have walked myself sore. 🙂

And I got the great pleasure of calling my mom for Mother’s Day… just after the Disney-MGM Studios “Disney Cars and Superstars” parade passed by. 🙂 With the music in the background, I called — making sure she could hear where I was as I explained… she couldn’t decide if she was glad I called or if she wanted to reach through the phone and swat me upside the head.

While I am sorry to leave here — I know that sometime in the next few years I’ll find an excuse to move down here, it just feels like “home” in a lot of ways — I am looking forward to getting back. A couple of regular readers have been far too silent this weekend… I need to find out what’s up there. And I get back to rehearsals for the upcoming debut of Empire — we go live Friday, ready or not. 🙂

Ah well… enough of this FedExKinkoInternetThing… it’s a beautiful spring night in O-town and I have no business being indoors.

The grind can wait one more day. I’m gonna go play.


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