I think it finally hit me why the standing joke-that-isn’t-a-joke at ComedySportz is “Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog”.

So who is reading this?

Up until now, I thought I was doing this for myself… basically, as a diary I can write into from anywhere in the world. I left it public because, well, I was too distracted to take it friends-only. And because I didn’t want to deal with people having to ask for access…

I don’t know, though…

I guess there’s something mildly… off-putting… about the realization that people with whom I have a fairly casual relationship… or none at all… may have found this…

Back last August, when I started this blog, I posted my Necessary Disclaimer. If you are reading this blog, and haven’t read that post, click on the highlight, please. Thankee.

And if you are reading this regularly, I certainly wouldn’t object to a reciprocal link to your blog. Fair’s fair, yes? Email me if you wish.

Every time I think I “get” how small the world is, it gets smaller.

Totally unrelated tangent: Mother’s Day weekend at Disney World can’t get here soon enough.

Totally unrelated tangent II: Yes, I am doing this at 6:15 AM from my office, where I agreed to cover the “early” shift today — *after* staying out to near midnight last night. Just call me Rob Hoffmann… Super Genius… sheesh!

Totally… ok… semi-related tangent: Komic Sutra was fun last night… I am kind of disappointed they have dropped the recurring characters in “Passions West” (although Dave did resurrect one of them, State Trooper J.T. Poole, without ever using his name)… I’ll miss seeing Satan on stage.

Back later.


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