Another week…

…just wanted to keep the throughlines going.

‘Twas a good week, of sorts… things are getting rough at Anthem, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, as I’m tentatively heading toward a project that might get me off the phones some… can’t say more as this one really is top secret. But I think I’ll be released from the vow of silence real soon.

Remember the sleep apnea diagnosis? Well, I found out Thursday that the vendor for the device that will help me sleep (by keeping my airway open at night with a small flow of air) never got the order from the specialist. That’s why I never got the device… I’ll get it this Tuesday.

CSz – it will be an interesting Operations Committee meeting on Monday… 🙂 verrrrrry interesting.

Oldies – heading out the door in a few minutes…

And I bought myself an iPod. It’s going to be very handy in Florida, that’s for sure… on which, Disney sent the confirmation package for the Mother’s Day weekend trip. Less than 3 weeks. Can’t wait. 🙂

Waiting on results from the CSz contingent to Raleigh… more next time.


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