Live from multi-tasking…

…it’s the Rob Hoffmann show, plausibly live on 107.3 FM while engineering a baseball game on 100.3 FM.

OK, let me ‘splain. No, let me summarize.

You know, I hope, that I’m live on Oldies 107.3 (107.3 in Richmond, 100.3 in Petersburg) Sundays noon to 6. Right? Right. Well, today, we sold a block of time on *only* 100.3 FM to VCU for their baseball game of the week-or-so. That decision was made late in the week, leaving nobody but me around to engineer the ballgame. It doesn’t help that VCU tends to ask for me if they can get me… something about how I know what they’re doing or some silliness like that… so I have to be in Studio B doing the game. But I have to be on the air… and there’s no way I can be in two places at once. So my entire “live” show today on Oldies is voicetracked… except for the ticket giveaway before the game – and maybe one after. I don’t like it… I think my show *sounds* voicetracked when I prerecord it… but that’s me. šŸ™‚

So I’m writing this during innings (in other words, between commercials)…

Quick transition.

I’m a loner — several people have called me a lone wolf, which is ironic if only they knew the name I gave my play-by-email wrestling character years ago… šŸ™‚ — but I digress. I like having people around, but I don’t necessarily miss them if I don’t. That said, it gives me a bit of freedom to choose who I want to have around… that leads into a conversation I had yesterday with a friend who I know reads this. šŸ™‚ It was one of those conversations where I find myself talking about stuff you’ll NEVER read here… and they usually take me slightly by surprise. There haven’t been a lot of people who can really get me to open up… one of them has wandered out of my life, alas, I think she’s so caught up in who she wants to be that she won’t be who she is… so it’s good that I’ve found another one. She’s 21-and-9-tenths, but that’s not something I notice when I talk to her… I just sense that she “gets it”. So this is a thank you, I guess… or just me filling blogspace.

Other stuff… Anthem’s going well in some ways, not so much in others (I have a job but the job is changing and I’m not sure I like where it’s going)… CSz is OK (they gave me a night off! and I wound up back there anyway because my other plans fell through!), with the minor bobble that our webhost is going to go out of business shortly after we move off their site… and Oldies, as you can see, still keeps me busy.

And I’m going to Disney World! And, for the first time, I’m staying on-property, at the Pop Century Resort. Mother’s Day weekend, so I get to call my mom from somewhere at Disney. She’s gonna kill me for that. šŸ™‚ The Disney Resorts (other than the $300/night Swan and Dolphin) don’t have onsite Internet, so I doubt I’ll blog that weekend… but we’ll see. I might hit Kinko’s and blog from there. But that’s a month away… which means it’ll get here in no time.

Man, that’s a lot. Time to catch my breath. šŸ™‚ Later…


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