The week that was…

…was pretty good, actually.

We relocated the office at Anthem with a minimum of mess (other than having just 3 people out of 11 online Friday afternoon during the 2nd move)… I left the old building Thursday and reported to the new one Friday. It’s nice… clean… more spacious than I expected… and quiet. We’re the only people on our side of the floor right now… that’ll change later but I’m kind of enjoying it.

At ComedySportz, we had a quiet weekend… the April Fool’s show with Steve Moore (HIV-positive gay comic, something we DIDN’T really get into at the show!) and Bill Pantele (co-star of Richmond’s funniest TV show, “The Richmond City Council”) went well… Bill even got into the closing game, which we expected only the CSz performers would do (it’s a “bad joke” game that we didn’t think the guests would have jokes for)… both of them were nice about it all, but we didn’t get them committed in time to really publicize it.

And the Sunday Top Ten debuted this weekend at Oldies… I didn’t tape the first one because I knew I would want to tinker (and I do)… I’ll give it a couple of weeks of tinkering then probably start taping the shows.

I’m trying to work on actually having friends in this life… what a concept… got a chance to reconnect with one today at lunch (she was working at Ruby Tuesday’s in M’ville). She’s a military wife whose hubby is stuck in Iraq, and just a real nice person… 🙂 and whatever you’re thinking, don’t think it. 🙂 “FRIENDS”. 🙂

It’s weird, though… most of my friendships are with the opposite gender. I can’t seem to get romantic relationships going with the women, but I can befriend most any of ’em. Sucks to be me sometimes, I guess… 🙂

And now to go plan my next vacation (Mother’s Day weekend, which was the only weekend I could get Friday and Monday off at Anthem!)…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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