Catch the whirlwind

The roller-coaster week rolls again… 🙂

Things are settling down on all fronts…

At Anthem, I’m starting to see some signs that I’ll be involved in project work again… I’m still overly involved with password resets, but that’s tech support, I suppose. We move to the new office Thursday afternoon, maybe a new location will help.

At Oldies, we are green for next Sunday’s debut of Sunday Top Ten. I’ll submit the imaging this afternoon and continue my search for a theme song… hope to have that by tomorrow afternoon.

At ComedySportz, last night was turnaround time. We did our first annual CSz Awards show — a private party for CSz staff, friends, and family. We all played dressup (I wore my trusty blue sport jacket — the same one that I wore for years as Ring Announcer Extraordinaire)… on that note, all I’ll say is that teenage girls didn’t look like that when I was 18 (maybe I’d be less single if they did?). One of the CSz players basically took the whole show on her back about a month ago — without Carolyn, we wouldn’t have even HAD the show last night — and it was a blast. I knew I’d be presenting an award (“Best All-Star Cast”)… which, as I noted when I walked on-stage, made this my first official on-stage appearance for a CSz event. What I didn’t know is that Carolyn and Brandon had quietly snuck some special awards into the mix before our Awards Committee meeting this past Wednesday night — so when I kind of shot down the idea of a “Best Voice” award then, I figured I’d just sit back and enjoy the show… and do a little voice work. Well, I added “stage crew” (I suggested using the podium that used to sit by the Box Office for the show — since I suggested it, I felt like I had to help move it when the stage was needed for a performance) to my list… but generally just sat with Random Acts and gently heckled everyone. Until Carolyn started to announce a Special Achievement award with the comment that “this award goes to someone who really doesn’t take enough credit for what he does here”… at that moment I realized that I was about to be called up onstage to receive one of just six Special awards (FIVE of which I knew about!). Getting the award was cool. Getting up on stage and attempting to make an acceptance speech was cooler. The ovation was the best part. I went for “serious” in my speech, telling a short version of the posts you see below. I ended it this way… “Carolyn’s right, I don’t know how to take credit for what I do. I’m glad that you guys are doing that for me. Thank you.”

After the show, as I walked around the room to congratulate people, quite a few people went out of their way to congratulate me… I guess when you’re caught up in living your life, you don’t always notice the impact you have. I know I didn’t until last night. There was one person — no name this time, she knows who she is — who came over to me and said that, when I mentioned in my acceptance speech that I was very close to leaving CSz earlier in the week, she started to cry. Now if THAT didn’t hit me hard, THEN she said that if I had left, she didn’t know if she wanted to stay… she said that the CSz she knew had me in the Voice Box and it wouldn’t be the same if I left. I had to excuse myself at that point before *I* started to cry… But then I got versions of the same sentiment over and over.

I’m still in shock. The LeeLoo poster art — that was fun, but we’d worked together pretty closely for weeks and it made sense. The Special Achievement Award? Totally blindsided me. But I’ll cherish it. It was an awesome night.


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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