Weekend Update…

Good afternoon… I’m Rob Hoffmann, and you’re not…

Updating the world around me:

Family – My mom had a health scare last week (dizziness, feeling faint)… after getting a chance to use the old joke “they did a brain scan on my mom and found nothing”, it turns out that she is apparently… allergic to her new makeup.  Heh.  Otherwise, they’re all doing OK up there.

Anthem – I thought the merger and aftershock would shake us out of the rut… it’s not happening.  I’m stuck in a cycle of password changes and minor incidents… nothing new, nothing changing.  Other people are getting the stuff I used to get… I am happy I’m still employed there, but I have to wonder if this is a setup to eventually change that…?

Oldies – staying focused on the Sunday Top 10… had to cover a shift last night, didn’t really want to be about on St. Pat’s, but I appear to have made it through.  It’s a “May I Have This Dance” weekend, so we’re loaded to the gills with dance hits tomorrow.  Yay. 🙂

CSz – this might be interesting… after another night of having everything I do micromanaged from the stage, I asked to be pulled from Voicing shows refereed by one particular ref.  The problem?  She’s the one who owns the place — and she’s shown she doesn’t take criticism (direct or implied) well.  At least, she’ll think this is criticism.  It’s just an admission that my style of Voicing a show and her style of refereeing simply don’t work together.  Far as I’m concerned, it’s my problem — not hers… but somehow I suspect it won’t be seen that way.  I’m not scheduled to Voice tonight… so there may be a bit of a cooling off period.  On other news, I ran the idea of whether or not I’m needed at practice past a couple of CSzR vets who’ve been to the practices I’ve been to… they don’t see where it’s doing me any good to be there, either… I’m simply not involved in any way that would do something meaningful for me or the troupe.  We shall, again, see.  On the good side, I was able to do something nice for the wife of a US soldier in Iraq — got her free tix for the 7:30 CSz show last night… and it turned out that the friend she brought with her is an old friend of Pat Raines from Random Acts, who played at 10.  So they stayed for both shows, and at least two people in Richmond think I’m kinda OK. 🙂

And that’s the news… good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow. 🙂


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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