From the Theatre

Geez… two weeks.

I bought the computer (a sweet HP Pavilion laptop with an 80GB hard drive, 10% of which is now music!)… I’ve been working all my jobs and generally never been home.

Oh, and it’s official – I have “severe” sleep apnea and will be wearing an air-pressure device at night to help me sleep… on the one hand, a good night’s sleep will be nice; on the other hand, it’s a mask. This shall be interesting.

I think I need to start skipping CSz practices. I’m not doing anything useful here and it’s only reinforcing my feelings of being “The Outsider”. I don’t want those feelings reinforced.

Or, to put it more simply, if my presence at CSz practice was so vital, would I have time to update El Blog?

I need to get away for a weekend. I also need to pay a $1600 tax bill. Guess which one is going to win.

At least “Sunday’s Top Ten” premieres the first weekend of April on Oldies. The goal is syndication… 🙂 just don’t tell anyone at MQ.

Oh, right… there was that incredible pound-plus steak at this restaurant in the middle of bloody nowhere… long story. Maybe over the weekend.

Hoffmann… out.


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