Last time, I said: “CSz Circle meeting tonight… Sam Shaber concert tomorrow (after my every few years’ visit to LensCrafters)… CSz practice Wednesday… Oldies Thursday… CSz Friday… CSz Saturday… Oldies and Brad & Colin Sunday…” So how did that go?

CSz Circle Monday: We’re still in the first-steps phase of organizing… I have to summarize Google AdWords and Amazon.com affiliation for the group soon… the goal seems to be to use Amazon.com to sell enough stuff to pay for AdWords. I’m concerned that not all 11 of the Circle seem to have the same goals… but it’s early.

Sam Shaber: AMAZING. A really talented, attractive (but married – sigh), funny, insightful singer. It’ll be fun to say I met her before she was the Next Big Thing. Someone’s going to discover her and soon… The show was all original material — highlight for me was the song for her friend Maribel, who died in a car wreck while with Sam on her first tour — except for the last song, which was a touching cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. See her if she ever winds up in your part of the world.

Lenscrafters: New glasses. Yay.

CSz Practice: I am starting to see people bringing their personal agendas to CSz — I’ve commented on it to a couple of people, who at least see what I mean, if they don’t totally agree. I’m going to watch it further over the next few weeks. Talked to Tim at practice (one of the Circle as well as the guy who I think pushed hardest for me to get hired in the first place), we agreed to put the March Madness tourney idea out of its misery due to lack of time (ours) and interest (players). Sigh. This was newbie audition day — the word is that, interestingly, the people I knew before the newbie group got together didn’t make it… oh well, stuff happens. 🙂

Oldies: Ran the board for the VCU coaches’ show, which got 5 calls — 4 of which made it on-air (I had the board misconfigured for the first call, which meant I heard it, but nobody else did). Was going to do production but there wasn’t a studio. I’ll do that today.

CSZ Friday: I had a good night. The shows were solid (houses were OK, but not great). The second show was “Off The Cuff”, which started out totally unformatted and ended up coming together — the improv performers known to CSz played the first half, and the audience members who wanted to play joined in for the second half. We had CSz and Random Acts folks — which meant I got another chance to screw around with Pat Raines from RA. 🙂 I just fire up the “boo” track from the SFX collection I brought to the Alley when he comes onstage… heh. I got to basically throw in SFX and music when I felt it was right… still have to work on beefing that up (making notes).

Doing production/basketball at Oldies today, 2 shows at the Alley tonight (Battle of the Sexes round 1). Because of the b-ball, I’m going to miss the Tim Conway/Harvey Korman show at the Landmark… damn, damn, damn. But hey, I’ll see the Brad Sherwood/Colin Mochrie show there tomorrow, so it works out.

And this just in — working for the radio station is going to cost me $1600 in tax payments… they under-withheld me badly, and I need to fix that on Monday so I don’t get any surprises in the winter of ’06.

ObSomething: It sucks when friends don’t even acknowledge your existence. Then again, maybe it’s my choice of friends. I have to think on that. 🙂


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