Let’s try this again

Going to try to reconstruct the “lost entry” now… touchpointing on each of the parts of my life:

Anthem: It’s going well, all things considered.  Got my annual review on Saturday, since our manager was in catching up on them… he rated me better than I rated myself.  Probably won’t mean much of a raise, since I’m at max-salary for the position.  Rumors of big changes later this week and of huge annual bonuses next week, both good for us as we’re going to on the good side of the big changes.

Oldies: Had a good show Sunday, I was happy with it at least… 🙂 nobody ever actually calls and tells me they listen, so how would I know?? 🙂  I think I’m going to settle on a Thursday/Sunday workweek at the station, with occasional Saturdays.  At least until WCUL is ready to go live on 98.9… then who knows?

ComedySportz: Took the weekend off from voicing (Friday was the NWA benefit show for Richmond MS, Saturday I had to run box office due to shorthandedness)… I need the breather now and again.  Might have worked out a tech-box staff for Empire Rocks Back — I may have drawn a pair of Sara(h)s… one of ’em works at TGIFriday’s Southside, saw her last night, she said she and the other Sarah want to do tech… so I’m going to pitch it that all 3 of us learn lights and sound (and props, too, if needed) and rotate.  This would give us a breather now and again, something Jesse and I didn’t get on LeeLoo.  Big weekend coming up, with shows Friday/Saturday/Monday and the Brad & Colin tour Sunday.

Not a lot of other news… just the usual stuff, considering that outside the three jobs, all I have is time to sleep. 🙂

CSz Circle meeting tonight… Sam Shaber concert tomorrow (after my every few years’ visit to LensCrafters)… CSz practice Wednesday… Oldies Thursday… CSz Friday… CSz Saturday… Oldies and Brad & Colin Sunday… this week’s booked more solid than a 350-pound linebacker. 🙂

Wake me up when it’s over. 🙂


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