Catching my breath

As bad as I felt in the wee hours of Sunday morning… I feel a bit better now.

We had what ComedySportz is calling a “Circle of Trust” meeting (in another business, it might be a “department head” meeting) — basically, the owner (Christine) has realized that trying to do everything herself is a short course to burnout, and has taken advantage of the fact that she has a lot of people around her who are talented at a lot of different parts of her business.  For example, I get to play to my two strengths — the Internet and the “Mr. Voice” (sound) gig.  It looks like I’ll have a little more input as to what Voice means to a show — I just want a little clarity, is that so bad? 🙂

Got a call from Oldies last night, too… it looks like I’ll be starting to pick up more hours there again… how, I don’t know (probably focusing on Monday and either Tuesday/Thursday, depending on the Alley)…

Now if things would get better at Anthem… 🙂

I also made a rare comment to someone else’s journal.  It’ll be interesting to see if she follows it back here… it’s not like I actively encourage people to come here. 🙂  We’ll see.


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