Oy #2

Too many people around me going through stuff… take the two from the last entry (the girl at the club seems to be doing better) and add two more from the Alley…

…there’s the girl who hung up with her long-distance boyfriend one night last week… and found out the next day that right after that hangup, he tried to kill himself with a mix of a handful of his dad’s insulin pills AND a large dose of tequila. He screwed that up and wound up in a coma. The girl’s not even 18 yet.

…and then we have a family in the process of falling apart, all four have ties to the Alley. The father (and catalyst of this whole mess) used to do sound before I came onboard… the mother is box office -and- performer… both boys perform (and the older one is part of just about every show we run). Last Saturday, the father did his best to try to sabotage that night’s shows — and caught me in the crossfire. Every time he pulled another prima-donna stunt, my job that night got changed, it seemed… you have to understand, I walk in there with a different mindset if I’m working sound as opposed to working box office. Because of his idiocy, I got switched back and forth between box office and sound over again — with the last switch (to sound) coming AT SHOWTIME. My mind wasn’t in it, and it took me at least a couple of games before I got myself wrapped around the situation, during which I blew up the show opening and some other sound-related stuff.

What I guess you can see in all this is that I’ll deal with it if life (or people) screw with me alone — but screw with the people around me (or put me in a situation where I’m screwing up for them) and you’ve made a mistake. I take that much harder.

Might as well focus on the rest — MainQuad just bought an AM station in Hopewell (I think they’ll move it to Ettrick, then move 93.1 the Wolf closer to Richmond)… Anthem’s kind of quiet right now, just waiting to close the merger, at which point we’ll start moving at a breakneck pace (some of the grunt work moved back to Indy, so that’s a relief)… and I go into Thanksgiving weekend with most of my Christmas shopping done (one more gift to go!)…

Ahead: Anthem Wednesday… probably a voice-tracked Thanksgiving show *and* my 11th Annual Thanksgiving Buffet at Shoney’s :)… Friday I’m doing 6-10AM (ouch) at Oldies and hanging at the Alley (but not working either show — I am shadowing a Mr. Voice from another city early)… Saturday I’m at Anthem 7-3:30 and then the Alley… Sunday I’m on air at Oldies and I might try to catch the Riverdogs home game. In other words, a quiet Thanksgiving weekend. 🙂


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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