I tried to update a couple times, and either the system is down or I get writer’s block. Ugh.

It’s been a bumpy couple weeks — picked up a really stupid written warning at the day job (no, I am NOT explaining that, don’t ask); fought my way through a cold (or something) that seems to have attacked the Alley with people getting sick every day; lost those hours at the radio station — thus I thought I had all the bad news covered and out of my life, right?


One of my favorite people in the wrestling game, a girl who performs as “Kameo”, was a perfectly healthy twentysomething 10 days ago. Today, she’s using a walker and basically can’t use the left side of her body — seems she has multiple sclerosis, which roared up on her with no warning last week. She’s a fighter, and if anyone can get past this, she can.

So if that’s not bad enough, one of the performers at the Alley, who’s 18 years old, had to be sent home last weekend because she was clutching at her chest in obvious pain. She refused to let it slow her down, but we finally had to force her to go see a doctor. This one has a somewhat better result — it’s actually an inflamed muscle which apparently is pressing on the sac around her heart… so while it’s not a heart “problem”, it’s a problem. If the muscle doesn’t settle down on its own, they have to do surgery. And as soon as you say “surgery” and “chest”, it’s a bigger problem.

And then there’s the performer whose blog inspired me to start doing this — she’s going through some rough times, and while I’d like to offer her my friendship and the experience of 40-plus years of screwing up regularly, I don’t think that offer is going to be accepted… in her mind, I’m in the “fan” category rather than “friend”, I suspect, and that’s likely unchangeable. Well, she’s good people and I’ll be there if she ever needs me…

Which may wind up being my motto in life. If I’m going to be single (and it looks like I am) for the long term, at least I can try to identify the good people in life and be there for them…

It’s just so damn frustrating when you can’t do anything.

OK, off to the day job now…


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