Two weeks later?

Wow… two weeks have gone by already?

For the most part, it’s been “the usual”.  I’m done with night-time voicetracking on Oldies, they hired a full-time midday guy and moved the existing midday guy to nights/production manager.  So I’m back to Sunday-only.

This may be a good thing as I’ve been wearing myself out — wound up calling out from Anthem today because I woke up with more than a bit of a head cold.  It has calmed down to a mere cough, and I should be able to work tomorrow.  Took advantage of the day today to overhaul my Webhockey site ( 

There’s allegedly an improv festival Saturday in town.  One group has heard about it and is participating (Jessie’s Girl).  I can’t find any other reputable sources for this… either someone is pulling JG’s collective legs *or* someone is about to lose a ton putting on an unpublicized event.

The rest of the week parses out as “normal”.  Anthem Thursday, Anthem and the Alley Friday, Oldies and improv festival and the Alley Saturday, Oldies Sunday.  Just another weekend. 🙂


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