Out of Orlando

(and back to reality)

To finish off the vacation rundown — did a lot of small things Wednesday (including a visit to the Orlando Kennel Club where I made a small profit betting on the animals for the first time in forever), then beat the parents at minigolf, then went back to SAK Comedy Lab.  Thursday, I spent almost the entire day on Disney property before running out of steam around 11:00.


I really can’t get a solid read on SAK from the 2 shows I went to — these ARE training shows.  Tuesday’s was a team-vs-team show (but they don’t have standard teams — one called themselves “No Respect” as a tribute to the just-passed Rodney Dangerfield).  There were 4 judged rounds with 3 audience judges (something I find makes the rest of the audience less connected to the show, I much prefer the CSZ Clapometer) as well as two early and one halftime “warmup” game.  Since the judges scored each game rather than declaring a winner, the game could — and did — end in a tie.  Wednesday was more formless — there was a warmup game, the winner took two teammates from the other 7 players, and then a 35-minute series of audience-applause judged games were played.  I think the idea that the team that won the last game won the whole event, but it wasn’t totally clear.  The referee was far less involved than in a CSZ game, calling which game to play but not talking to the audience to solicit suggestions or to explain the game.  Just different… not better or worse, I suppose.

The Orlando theme parks are getting stale — Universal hasn’t changed much of anything in years… Disney makes small changes each year (but I admit that most of those changes aren’t to shows/rides I care about)… and the so-called nightlife is a mess.  I didn’t even go to CityWalk this time because NOTHING has changed there since opening day… and Paradise Island is stale with no changes (except negative ones, like killing the live entertainment on the main stage) in 3 years.  PI needs to start from scratch — it used to be that their daily New Year’s Eve event was an EVENT… live dancers, pyrotechnics, a live band, and some energy — it ran 20-30 minutes.  Now it’s a 15-minute tape loop ending with a 15-second countdown where a random couple from the audience pushes a BUTTON.  Wow.  Disney has cost-cut PI to near-death.  Comedy Warehouse still has a talented staff, but it was a shame that for the 2 shows I went to, they used exactly the same rundown of games and bits.  There are dozens of ways to do improv, it should be almost impossible to see exactly the same rundown twice in a week…

Actually, there is a solution to Orlando’s blahs.  I know what company should move in, where, and some ideas for what they could do.  But I am NOT telling it in a public blog… no way.  If that company wants my advice… 🙂

Anyway, now that I’m back in Richmond, it’s back to the routine.  I’m not scheduled at the Alley tonight but I’ll run by to see what kind of trouble I can cause… then I do radio and the Alley on Saturday, Oldies live on Sunday, and back to Anthem on Monday.  Woo hoo.  Reality is back.  10 weeks to Xmas vacation in Chicago.


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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