Orlando day 2

A quick update from the Sunshine State…

I GOT A CONVERTIBLE. 🙂 I mean, this is so weird… me, Mister Social Conservative driving something more akin to a mid-life crisis car… but that’s all Avis had… gotta love renting from Avis during peak seasons…

Saw the family yesterday — everyone seems well… my niece and nephew are growing so fast… it’s tough to keep a perspective when I only see them once or twice a year…

It’s still a strange feeling going from juggling the three jobs to having a few days completely to myself… I’ll definitely hit Pleasure Island once or twice this week to check out the Comedy Warehouse… probably Citywalk… definitely one day park-hopping at Disney… and the family wants to take me out to dinner Tuesday for my birthday last month.

So it’ll be Friday and I’ll be back in Richmond before I know it.

Anyway, I’m paying too much for this FedExKinko’s kiosk, so until next time…


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