A week in the life

Where to begin?

I’ve been bouncing around my three jobs like a ping-pong ball… and even with vacation coming in 2 weeks, I needed to take a day off from Anthem on Friday to catch my breath.  As noted, I was all over the Oldies schedule last week — add in 3-7 PM Friday (3-6 live, 6-7 tracked) during a day when the Emergency Alert System was going off about every 15-20 minutes… the show was Swiss-cheese but we did our main job of keeping people up-to-date on Ivan-related tornadoes.

Yesterday was going to be a quiet day — check out the Richmond Coliseum reopening in the AM, then a couple hours at the radio station, then Comedy Sportz at 7:30.  Nope… after I left the Coliseum, my car’s temperature gauge went to “red alert”.  I pulled over and found that there was a hissing noise coming from a broken hose (radiator).  I could’ve driven the car the 5 miles to the shop, but would’ve killed the engine doing it.  Thank goodness for AAA — a 5-mile tow costs $6 if you’re a member!  🙂  Anyway, my shop is open on Saturdays so the car was fixed within a couple hours and back on the road.

But since I missed my shift yesterday, I wound up spending 11 hours in the studio today — production 8:30-noon, live noon-3, tracking/production 3-6, production again 6-7:30.  Then I moved on to tonight’s Komic Sutra show at the Funny Bone (good stuff, happy birthday Mesha, hi y’all)… back to Anthem tomorrow before the second run-through of the Comedy Alley musical “Finding LeeLoo” (for which I start running sound on Thursday night, ready or not!)… and then over to Oldies (probably just a paperwork run).  And we may be adding the new station’s playlist to the computer this week.  Aargh.


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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