From the studio

Halfway through another Sunday marathon…

– Did I say something about sleeping late Saturday morning? Oh what a stupid thing to say… I forgot that I can’t sleep past about 7 AM anymore. So I got about 6 hours sleep… went about my day… and did a tripleheader at the Alley. Training on “Voice” (sound board) at 7:30, then (surprise!) do a Voice shift at 10:00, then run the box office for the midnight show.
– That 10:00 voice shift wasn’t so bad. Other than the computer freezing right at the top of the show (fortunately, I had been warned and I had a backup CD in place and ready to roll)… and me sticking it to the referee for the show by calling him by his brother’s name at the end (heh… never let me get the needle in…). Then again, at just before midnight, it was easy for me to read Matthew and say Michael. Really…
– Then during the midnight Random Acts show, the drunk twentysomethings came out… There was this one little blonde drama queen who lost it when we wouldn’t serve her boyfriend because he had no ID. Turns out he had no ID because it was his birthday, and she had “hidden” his wallet (and ID) so he wouldn’t pay for anything. By mid-show, she’d worked herself into such a sobbing frenzy that we allowed her to not pay for the beer she tried to buy for him just to get her out of our hair.
– I finally crawled into bed at 2:15 AM today. And back out at 7:30 to get dressed and come commit some radio.

This is how tired I am already – I’m NOT driving to Hampton to see the VCW wrestling show because I am quite afraid I’d have problems getting home. Damn, I must be getting old.

Tomorrow I’m on-air at Oldies 10AM-3PM, then free the rest of the day. I may just stay home and vegetate. 🙂

Back to my radio show… see you on the radio! 🙂


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