Trying to catch up…

 – Well, I made it through the day.  Caught up on a lot of backlogged stuff at Anthem but can’t seem to shake the “blahs”.   I need to find me a new challenge over there soon… nobody expects the merger with Wellpoint, and all the new stuff that will bring, to happen until mid-2005 now.
 – I still don’t have access to the Comedy Alley website, and I have pissed off the webmaster, too.  After not hearing from him for a week after I called last Thursday, I sent a polite nastygram basically designed to force a reply.  I got one.  He told me off. 🙂  I guess I deserved it, but he’s not exactly being professional, either.
 – While trying to explain is far beyond this blog, I find it interesting that all of my various hobbies/jobs — radio, wrestling, and the comedy club — are going through a period of internal angst.  Who knew that all three could get political all at the same time?  Sheesh.
 – I’ve got to work on funny stories like I read in other blogs.
 – At least I can sleep late tomorrow.  Yay.

ComedySportz and Random Acts tomorrow night.  Yay more.

It looks like I am keeping the 6-hour Sunday show on Oldies despite my best efforts to talk them into dropping to 4-hours.  It’s all good, I guess.


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