The night the lights went out in Richmond

OK, I didn’t want to break my rut THIS way.

The artist formerly known as Gaston tore through Richmond like a knife through butter.  Apparently, our heat and humidity turned a quiet little tropical depression into a floodstarter… 10-14 inches of rain in 8 hours around Richmond.  My lights went out at 7 PM and didn’t come back until today at 4:30 PM (just as I was ready to start calling hotels)…

It could be worse.  I could be a homeowner whose house fell into a sinkhole… or I could’ve been in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom district, where the streets became what Dominion Virginia Power called “a combination flume ride and demolition derby” as cars floated into stacks of 3-4 high.

In other news, Komic Sutra was a good time on Sunday and will be again on Wednesday (8 PM!).  I still don’t have access to the Alley’s website (GRRR) but I am working the late shows Friday and Saturday so that’ll be fun.  So now back to inhaling dinner and rushing off to Oldies 107-3 to do 2 nights of work.  If I can get there. 🙂


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