Saturday in the park?

Maybe a walk in the park.  For once, I have nothing to do until about 1:30… I’m engineering a remote for Smooth Jazz 93.1 (sister station to Oldies 107-3) from 2-4 and doing the on-call thing for Comedy Alley tonight. 

Anyway, to catch up… Thursday was not the last Karaoke night after all… the Alley wants to do them at least once a month.   So there’ll be more chances to show off my poor singing to a somewhat appreciative crowd. πŸ™‚

Friday, I did lunch with my friend Karen — I got to know her out at Colonial Downs last year when the old Star 107 did a lot of promotional stuff out there.  Turns out that her real job is a few blocks from Anthem…  so we’re going to do lunch once in a while — someone has to drag her out of that sweatshop she works for. πŸ™‚

Last night at the Alley, we did a cabaret night featuring four incredibly talented teenagers doing songs from RENT and Moulin Rouge.  It went over well enough that they’re thinking of doing more shows already.  Tonight’s a double-dose of ComedySportz.

And then Komic Sutra wraps the weekend Sunday night.

I sense that the fun has just begun.


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