Hurry up and wait

So I’m trying to get the Alley’s website updated — the guy who runs the server isn’t all that quick (I called him at lunchtime, it’s now 5:30 and still no response?) and Tim and Christine at the Alley aren’t exactly “computer geeks” (or really, computer types at all) and they can’t find the existing website info.

It’s just frustrating – I really would like to help these folks and everywhere is a dead end.

And then there was the last call of the day at Anthem.  It wasn’t even mine – another tech kept coming over to me for help.  Why?  Because I’m the “AIMS guy” at the helpdesk — AIMS is the big bulky bloated package used for claims adjustment by several departments. Well, the woman who does AIMS security is on vacation and somehow her backup got it into his head that *I* could help him out.  All I know about AIMS security is that I don’t have any (actually, I have just enough to test-start a client).   And I don’t do security.  Still, the other tech had to waste 15 minutes of his life trying to convince this guy NOT to keep asking questions because I had literally no answers.  When I left at 4, they were still at it. Oy.

At least my weekend starts tonight (yes, I have to work tomorrow but it’s Friday) — the last karaoke at the Alley is tonight, then my 3-job Friday, then a doubleshot at the Alley on Saturday (plus — maybe — some radio production), and then production and live on Oldies on Sunday.   And I may not be doing Jeff Beck’s shows next week – they’d rather keep me focused on production next week and have the other part-timers do the shifts.  Fine by me, it’s all good…


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