Monday morning…

…and as I get ready for work, a quick update.

The show on Oldies on Sunday was, in total, one of my better ones except for the one break where I started to mention the writer of Elvis’ “Kentucky Rain” (country star Eddie Rabbitt) when I went blank on his name while live.  Instead of turning off the mic, which would have at least made it sound like a technical problem, I blurted out “um… more later” or something dumb like that.  Glad nobody called me on it.

And last night’s show at the Alley was another last-minute rework.  I was there as backup but wound up running box office because Box Office Darlene became Remote Player Darlene at the last minute… and we had over 90 reservations for “Sarah Laughed”.  That turned into just over 80 people actually attending the show.  Good crowd.  Rather tolerant when we started ringing up the checks during the second half of the show — oops.

And now, off to Anthem for <dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmm> Monday.


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