You know you wish…

…you had Jessie’s Girl.

They’re performing tonight at the Hyperlink Cafe, a yuppie bar/club/performance space near Virginia Commonwealth University.  This place is so yuppie they sell whiffs of a flavored oxygen bar.  Sheesh.

JG haven’t had the best of luck at Hyperlink — it’s a nice place in the middle of a ton of college kids, none of whom seem to know it’s there.  Hopefully moving the show from the main club to the smaller “Internet Lounge” will help.

Tomorrow, I get to do my three-job Friday — 7:30-16:00 at Anthem, a quick run across the river to the radio station for production work from 16:30-18:00, then back across the river to (possibly) work at the Alley from 18:30-23:30.  For those of you not in Richmond, “the river” (James River) is Richmond’s Berlin Wall.  In the ordinary course of business, people simply don’t cross the river.  If they can’t find what they want on their side of the James, they don’t tend to cross to find it — this could be a mindset, it could be because the bridges are inconvenient, overly tolled, or both, and it could be my imagination (but not after watching this play out for 10 years now). 

Wow.  Two blog entries on my first day.

Wonder when the next one will be. 🙂 


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